Calling all Senior Champs! We think you’ll really love the FIT KID AFTER SCHOOL CAMP! We specially designed it to offer a fun bridge between school time and the start of your Senior Champs classes on Monday & Thursday at 5:30pm. We noticed how much all you kids love to hang out before/after your Champs class, but there isn’t much time to do it. Well, now you do! Caregivers can just drop you off at the gym after school gets out. Don’t forget your gui and water bottle for class! This Camp Program is also available to homeschool kids (7-12YRS)…whether or not you’re taking any other formal classes at our gym…but we hope you do! You’re welcome to join us whenever you can!

FIT KID AFTER SCHOOL CAMP is starting April 4, 2023…camp memberships are limited, so register today! When you compare the camps to other forms of childcare/latchkey/daycare etc, you’ll find it quite affordable and its just a really fun way to spend some character building time with friends. Only $66/week for 6hours of Camp! Caregivers could get a lot done with that kind of time…wink wink…

We’d love to answer any questions you may have about the Camps, so please, just ask, and our Camp Program Director, Jen, will contact you. Jen Willemsen is the mom of one of our Senior Champs Jui Jitsu students and helped us create these great Camps, intending them to grow and host them perpetually throughout the year. Jen really has an interest in helping us use the gym to its potential while curating structured play environments that cater to our current students, as well as the ever expanding home school population…with a soft spot to support our gym in supporting neurodivergent kids too (ex. special needs, ADD, ADHD, Autism spectrum). As a homeschool parent who has her son participating in over 10 physical activity classes a week in 3 different gyms, Jen has had the unfortunate observation of how little these environments made time/space for these underserved groups. So, we’re working hard to change that!

If you have any connections to families, schools, kid’s groups, homeschool groups, hybrid schools, etc, please let us know so we can work with you to spread the word about our heartfelt intention and awesome new Camp Programs!

We’re so excited to see you for our FIT KID AFTER SCHOOL CAMP!!

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