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Gracie Barra Women's FREE Self Defense Seminar, Friday Sept 6th, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Gracie Barra Women's FREE Self Defense Seminar

Have you ever wondered what REAL, PRACTICAL self-defense techniques look like?

If you are like most people, you have probably gone onto YouTube and searched on Women’s Self Defense Techniques and wondered: Which ones work and which ones don’t?   Or worse, maybe you think they ALL work!


Sadly, there are PLENTY of videos out there with techniques that are so ineffective, they risk putting you in MORE harm than helping you get out of a situation.  But unless you already have a martial arts background, how would you know?  Quite simply, it’s not realistic for you to know!




Let Gracie Barra Novi show you the way with TESTED techniques that actually work, demonstrated by our friendly, professional instructors.  Our Women’s Self Defense Seminar will cover a range of situational topics and techniques to not just defend yourself, but also ASSERT yourself, including:


ü Freeing yourself from being grabbed by the arm

ü Freeing yourself from being choked

ü Escaping from a person holding you down on the ground

ü Teaching you powerful OFFENSIVE techniques to put an attacker on the DEFENSE.


This seminar is open to women 10 years and up. 

Parents, we ENCOURAGE you to bring your daughters to this class, and start them down the road of learning how to become, strong, confident women.  The techniques we show are designed to give smaller individuals a chance against a larger individual.


In this seminar, WE WILL:

·      Show you real, tested techniques to defend yourself

·      Have you practice these techniques with a partner

·      Put you in real life situations

·      Answer questions you may have about your own specific situation

·      Show you great respect as we practice the techniques

·      Talk to you about the benefits of joining one of our full-time programs


One thing is VERY important to know about ANY 1-2 hour seminar. 

You will learn a handful of techniques that can save your life.  However, the reality is, just like anything in life, the only way to become effective at them is to practice them over, and over and over.  Knowing SOMETHING (as long as it’s the RIGHT thing) is still better than knowing NOTHING.  But we would not be doing our job if we did not highlight the fact that no matter what you learn, you must practice these techniques regularly for them to become reflexive and effective.  And that is something we can help you with as well!


Now that you are educated, and know what to expect, here is what to do next:

1)  Enter your information in one of the opt in boxes

2)  Register for the course when directed to the registration page

3)  SHOW UP for the class


We look forward to sharing this information with you, and helping guide you to a strong, more powerful YOU!



Professor James Burchfield

Coach Greg Fernandes

Coach Dan Leith


Gracie Barra Novi


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