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Gracie Barra Kids Jiu-Jitsu: Focus, Discipline, Respect

Welcome to Gracie Barra Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

ü     Do you want your child to develop confidence, discipline, and respect for others? 

ü     Do you want them to learn how to defend themselves with the most powerful grappling martial art in the world? 

ü     And do you want a family friendly atmosphere where they can achieve those goals? 

Then Gracie Barra Novi is for you! 



“The most common reasons parents tell us they want to bring their children into our school is to develop focus, discipline, respect and confidence, and that they heard martial arts is supposed to develop those behaviors.”

We do that and a whole lot more!


Not all martial arts schools are run the same way.  I suppose that goes without saying.  But a common theme we hear from parents is that we have the most focused, and organized school that they have attended.


With such a large and successful program with 3 different children’s age groups, I tell them it’s the ONLY way a program of our size could even exist, and that it is no accident.


At Gracie Barra Novi, our kids are informed from DAY 1 about the behavior and etiquette that is required of all of our students.  This is reinforced with the homework assignment…..yes HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT…. that all kids must complete before receiving their full uniform.  Their homework assignment requires them to employ the behaviors we demand in the school, at home first.  Our main goal is to make YOU, the parent, look like a Super Parents with incredibly well behaved, respectful kids.  (And go ahead, take the credit!)


But what about our program?  You may have heard people say that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu “changes lives”.  But why?  I mean, can’t ANY sport do that?  Well, of course, anything we do can change us.  But Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has an edge that almost no other activity can match.


FIRST, unlike any other martial art, BJJ REQUIRES people to work together.  It is impossible to practice BJJ without a partner.  You can do karate forms by yourself, or practice any other sport largely on your own, but BJJ requires feedback from another person.

SECOND, because of this interaction, you will be physically closer to people than in any other activity.  This closeness builds incredibly strong bonds between the practitioners.  High level of trust is developed because each practitioner literally has the safety of their training partner in their hands.  Kids are not sitting behind an electronic device remotely “hanging with friends”.  They are in physical contact with them every class!


THIRD, there is no lying in BJJ.  In every single practice, you will see whether your techniques are working or not.  There is no hiding and no one else to blame if things don’t work.  There is an honesty in BJJ because your successes and failures are on full display every day for everyone to see.  This honesty develops respectful, humble practitioners, especially in children.


Beyond All Of That, BJJ has repeatedly been shown in real life situations to be an incredibly powerful self-defense martial art.  Every single practitioner in the Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC) trains in BJJ due to its effectiveness in real situations.


So if you are looking for a program that teaches kids focus, discipline, respect and confidence along with one of the most powerful martial arts systems in the world, then Gracie Barra Novi Kids BJJ is for you.


So now that you are educated on the VALUE of what we have to offer, it is time to make a decision. You can either ignore this information and continue your child down the same old path.


OR, in a few keystrokes and clicks, begin to transform your child into the person you want them to be.


To begin your child’s journey, it only requires 3 simple little steps!


1)  Enter your information in the opt-in box on this page

2)  Pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule your child’s appointment

3)  Show up at YOUR CHOSEN time for your child to begin their journey to a new, stronger self.

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

"This skills my son learned in class as a 6 year old allowed him to defend another child being bullied in class.  He was able to take the other child to the ground and hold him until his teacher returned.  He received a letter of recognition from his teacher for his amazing behavior."


"When my son started at Gracie Barra Novi, he had very little confidence and low self-esteem.  He has now decided to start competing in tournaments and challenging himself to be a better student, and better person."


"When my son started at Gracie Barra Novi, his attention span would wander the entire class, and he would simply stare at the timer clock on the wall.  After months of hard work from the coaches, he now follows all of the rules and is able to focus on the techniques for the entire class.  His transformation has been incredible."


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Focus, Discipline, Respect. The core values of Gracie Barra Kids.

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