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Gracie Barra Kickboxing 3 Class Trial for $19.99 PLUS a FREE Pair Of Gloves!

Welcome to Gracie Barra Muay Thai Kickboxing

We ARE Novi’s Premiere Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy.


We Are NOT Your Big Box Gym Cardio Kickboxing Club.


While those clubs can be great for getting in shape, why not get in shape AND learn real martial arts at the same time?   At our academy you will be learning genuine Muay Thai kickboxing.  Why do we say genuine?  Well, our head instructor makes annual trips to Thailand to train at professional Muay Thai gyms, and he brings those learnings back to our academy.


Our classes consist of:


1) A high intensity warm-up

2) Shadow boxing to teach real martial arts technique 

3) Heavy bag work to develop striking power and burn calories

4) Hand pad work to develop timing, distancing and movement

5) Partner drills to simulate actual situations to develop real self-defense ability


Our students love the real world situations and constant interaction with their fellow students.  And remember, our business professional clientele is JUST LIKE YOU.  Our students love to help new students enjoy the benefits that they have received.


Now, I already know what most of you are concerned about: getting punched in the face.  Not to worry!  Drills are conducted at each practitioners’ own ability and pace.  All of our students are instructed from day one that it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for the safety of each other….. no meatheads allowed!


So what are you waiting for?

Getting started is just a couple of clicks away!


1)  Just fill out your information in the opt-in box,

2)  Then sign up for your first class on-line,

3)  Then schedule your own introductory class time

4)  Finally, SHOW UP and claim your free pair of gloves! 


What could be easier?


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  -Mark Twain

Learn more about Gracie Barra Muay Thai Kickboxing by watching this short video.


40400 Grand River Ave, Suite E, Novi      248-957-9597