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Coach Greg Fernandes

Greg Fernandes has been a student under Professor Burchfield since 1994, originally studying Hsing-I Kung Fu, Pa-Kua Chang, Tai-Chi Chuan, Filipino Stick Fighting, and Ashtanga Yoga. Currently a Brown Belt in BJJ, he is one of the Adult BJJ Fundamental’s and Muay Thai instructors and is the head children’s BJJ and Kickboxing instructor. In 2017-2019 Greg has competed at the IBJJF Master’s World Competition as a Purple Belt, placing 2nd twice and third once.  Greg began studying martial arts at the Hampton Martial Arts Academy in Blacksburg VA in 1993 under Dr. Ed Hampton before moving to Michigan in 1994 and continuing his training with Professor Burchfield. Greg has had the opportunity to study with many of the Master Instructor’s that have provided seminars at Gracie Barra Burton, including Romulo Barral, Octavio Souza, Samual Braga, Lucas Lepri, Caio Terra, Bernardo Faria, Gordon Ryan, Saulo and Xande Ribiero, Igor Yakimov and Luis Heredia. Along with Professor Burchfield, Greg has traveled to Thailand to train at some of the top gyms in Bangkok and Chang Mai. While obtaining his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Ohio State University, he taught Tai-Chi Chuan and Ashtanga Yoga through the continuing education program at the university, and studied Ashtanga Yoga with the head instructor at Yoga On High, Martha Marcomb. He has also trained with world renowned yoga instructors David Swenson and Tim Miller. Along with his diverse knowledge in martial arts, Greg also brings with him a wrestling background, having had the fortune of being taught by Olympic alternate Alray Johnson as his coach in HS. Along with his devotion to martial arts, Greg brings a wealth of leadership development and business management experience from his 10 years of experience in the Michigan Junior Chamber, having received national recognition for his leadership skills.

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