Coach Andriy Badin Martial Arts Instructor

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Coach Andriy Badin

Andriy joined our team in 2017, like many adults…. after he enrolled his son in our kids program. After seeing the enjoyment that is son was having, he decided he wanted to see what BJJ was all about for himself. He is a great outcropping of the family atmosphere that our whole team fosters at Gracie Barra Novi. It’s always exciting when parents decide to join classes after their children begin, and a real pleasure to be able to have them share that experience with their child on the mat at the same time.  Andriy is now a blue belt, one of our most consistent students and coaches, and one of the most patient individuals I have ever met. He is a great example of how we are able to build a stronger foundation of instructors when parents decide to take an active role in their child’s education.

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