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Gracie Barra Novi

At Gracie Barra Novi, we are proud to offer the two most dominant styles of martial arts self-defense systems: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing, for men, women and children. Our students and families are made up of business professionals just like you, who want to add purpose and focus to their workouts and their lives. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are based on the world renowned curriculum of Gracie Barra, and our Muay Thai classes are taught in traditional Thai style, based on our annual trips to Thailand. Our high energy classes are going to get you in the best shape of your life and help you shed those unwanted pounds, all while becoming a more confident person.

What could be better than having dedicated, professional coaches helping you achieve your goals every time you walk in the door? Check out our individual programs below. Once you enter your information you will be provided a link to schedule your first free trial class, and one of our friendly staff members will also contact you to answer any questions. What could be easier? See you soon!

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I visited here from Gracie Barra Bloomington, IL. Awesome atmosphere, great group of bjj guys and gals. Super welcoming and professional.

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Johann D.

Stopped in while visiting Detroit. Great team, super welcoming. Great level of detail with technique. Definitely worth a stop. Can’t say enough good things about this academy.

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Casey H.

I have been with Gracie Barra for over one year. I did not regret at all going here and not to another BJJ gym. Everybody is friendly and helpful and the professor and the coaches are great. It is a pleasure to go train every time! Besides improving your Jiu Jitsu, fitness, mindset or almost everything about yourself, you will get some good friends along the way!

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Daniel C.

After months of driving by Gracie Barra, I finally pulled the trigger and walked in (Going to the gym repeatedly had slowly become stagnant). Instantly, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, with no egos whatsoever. I had absolutely zero experience with martial arts, but now admit I'm addicted! Another bonus: the workout is amazing, as I've noticed my body getting much more lean after only one month. I highly recommend stopping in for a no-pressure intro, especially if you want to optimize yourself both physically and mentally.

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Jake H.

I have been training in martial arts my entire life and since I was five belonged to a gym with people who I considered family. Due to college and other incidents, I chose to leave the gym I belonged to for 15 years. Thus began my search for another gym that I could find family. Luckily, following my father I found family after my first class at Gracie Barra of Novi. After the first day, I knew I had found a new home that would help me train harder and learn more than I would have been able to at my last gym. If you are looking for more than a gym, but some where you can have a family this is the place to go. I have only been training there for a short time, but I have learned more and been happier than I ever have been. I owe it all to the gym, the family and the two men that run such an amazing place.

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Andrew W.

Wonderful martial arts gym. Instructors are terrific and have travelled all over the world to train with the best in their field. Atmosphere is fun and accepting of all ages and skill levels. Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning martial arts.

Kids Martial Arts Novi

Guiherme A.

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